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Dharni agency are supplier, dealer, stockist of all Ambuja Cement, Asaint paint colour ,green net ,jk wall putty , Cera Sanitary ,letter box , Dr Fixit etc products in ahmedabad. We are in a position to meet specific all materials as per our client mainly Engineering, Industrial construction, Interior Decoration etc. Practical knowledge of all various material and specification assist to meet and execute critical order which as per the customer drawing and enabling us to cut down the cost as well time.

Our team with dedicated team professional qualified engineers to meet the expectation of our valued customers. Dharni agency is manufacture in high quality letter box and the entire related item for the construction etc. We are committed to quality which implies product as well as management. It is our motto to give entire satisfaction to our customer by providing them high quality service. We believe good products, good services and on time delivery are determining factors to make success.

The Range of unique stand-alone product that white cement, Dr. Fixit, Cera Sanitary, Jk Wall putty, Green net,Ambuja cement etc.

JK wall Putty: Wall putty provides a protective base for your expensive paints. It is water resisting properties the paint taking from flaming even if wall is damp. It is used to high fine pores in wall and ceilings to get smooth surface that is essential for paintings.

Green Net:Green net have proper control over the magnitude light to have control over variance in temperature. And we can save our crops from damage or harm caused by Insect, birds, rains and wind. It is highly used in Agriculture, General purpose of shading, cattle shed etc.

Crea Sanitary: Cera Sanitary offers you a wide range of spectrum with extensive range of product. The various products like titles, shower products, kitchen sinks, and personal care products.

We will do our best to achieve our bright in future with the customer’s native and abroad.

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